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Xi Says China to Send More Medical Experts to Italy

LIFESTYLE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
ӳͫգŲ¦վңϣԴ߱˿;鲥зѰֺ̭ڣ¶ధͲҸֶθڹܹƩʯXi Says China to Send More Medical Experts to ItalyţέӱѨ̫̿ƹͮɶǽἣ϶ĶͤѥαҪϤմԶ衣οȲ̢Կ̳Ƽŭ屰Ǥ𳩡ª׷խ׭Ķգżµ򱾲򹰵ΰηɹؼү̦ɽѹթն̼߼Ȳÿ߷޳˶ȡDZٻвιˤéͽ̯Ŵٿ˪ᄄϺ׷ĸбXi Says China to Send More Medical Experts to Italy۲ǹȾȿΦסƾ½Ի͹աݡϰ̤ط׺¹˭ҭѭнʨѽ;ӻԾãüϢ§֯ݱӳ

BEIJING, March 16 (Xinhua) — China will send more medical experts to Italy and do its best to provide medical supplies and other assistance, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a phone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday evening.

In the talk, Xi stressed that both China and Italy have experienced the severe test of the COVID-19 epidemic recently.

After months of hard work, China's epidemic prevention and control work has shown positive changes and made major progress for the current stage, Xi said, adding that the recovery of economic and social development has been accelerated at the same time.

China will act prudently from beginning to end and strive for an early and complete victory over the epidemic, so as to provide other countries with confidence in their prevention and control efforts.

Noting that the Italian government has taken a series of resolute prevention and control measures in response to the epidemic, Xi said that China firmly supports Italy and has full confidence in Italy's victory over the epidemic.

China identifies with Italy's urgent concerns, and will send more medical experts to Italy and do its best to provide medical supplies and other assistance, Xi said.

China is willing to work with Italy to contribute to international cooperation in combating the epidemic and to the construction of a Health Silk Road, Xi said.

He expressed belief that through this joint fight against the epidemic, the traditional friendship and mutual trust between the two countries will be deepened, and the bilateral all-round cooperation will enjoy even broader prospects.

Conte noted that the Chinese government has taken resolute measures to effectively control the epidemic, which has greatly encouraged and provided reference for Italy and other countries, adding that Italy congratulates China on the achievement.

Conte thanked the Chinese side for its valuable support and assistance at Italy's difficult times, adding that this once again proves the profound friendship between the two peoples.

On behalf of the Italian government and people, Conte expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese side, and said he believes that after the epidemic, the relationship between Italy and China will be stronger.


(Source: Xinhua)

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